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Musings From Around the Cocktail World


There is a lot of good cocktail information out on the web these days, along with a lot of absolutely horrible garbage. Often times, it’s hard to differentiate between the two or find good sources. This week I’ve come across a lot of interesting stuff, so I thought I’d compile and share. Here are my top five cocktail reads from this past week.

1. The Only Ratio You Need For Perfect Cocktails is a nice piece about using a classic ratio, along with substitutions and embellishments to create good cocktails. It is a nice piece, although I disagree with the title stating that it is the “only ratio you’ll ever need”.  I posted something similar a few years back that you can check out here.

2. Jose Andres opened a Culinary Cocktail Lab with a cocktail list 100 drinks deep.  You’ll see things like roto-evaporators, hand-made tinctures and giant blocks of ice. And some nice production value.

3. Speaking of ice, the Washington City Paper did a piece on the hand carved ice phenomenon sweeping Washington, DC. The somehow managed to get a quote from  nearly every single important cocktail person in the greater DC area. Impressive.

4. The folks at Putney Farm hosted a MXMO roundup and made a pretty tasty looking cocktail with Applejack and Rye Whiskey, using some sweet looking vintage glassware in the process.

5. The Tiki Blog put together a great post on garnishing for tiki cocktails that moves well beyond your typical twist.


One comment on “Musings From Around the Cocktail World

  1. G-LO
    February 22, 2013

    Hand carved ice sounds fascinating, but I wonder if the DC guys are as good as this guy with an icepick…

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