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How to Drink on New Year’s Eve if You’re Older Than 25

The end of 2012 is finally upon us. It’s been a good year, all in all, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that 2013 can’t come soon enough.  However, to get to 2013, we need to end 2012 with a bang. How, you might ask, shall we do that? We drink, of course. Here is how I drink on NYE and how you should drink as well.

4:30pm  Start your drinking late in the afternoon (not too early or you’ll be asleep before midnight) with a low alcohol cocktail. Cocktails are always the best way to start an evening and if you make something like an Aperol Sour you can manage your alcohol consumption while still kicking things off right. Another great low alcohol option would be this PX Flip from Jacob Grier, a cocktail and coffee man extraordinare out of Portland, ME. Show your cocktail initiative early, it won’t last.


6:30pm. Follow up your opening low alcohol cocktails with champagne cocktails. While you’re still confident, talkative and excited about your prospects for the evening, nothing is more festive than a champagne cocktail. if you’re feeling like you had a good year, opt for a Gin and Green Chartreuse cocktail called the Merry Monk. Combine 1.5 oz gin (I like Green Hat from New Columbia Distillers), 1/2 oz Green Chartreuse, 1/4 oz Lime Juice, and 1 Dash Dandelion and Burdock Bitters in a shaker to combine. Strain into a flute and top with 3 oz sparkling wine. Garnish with something large and obnoxious.


8:19pm Spill a drink or two, realize that a champagne flute is too breakable for the remainder of your evening, and move to beer. Keep things relatively light and palate cleansing by drinking some IPAs, preferably from somewhere local, since local is simultaneously the buzzword that was the biggest trend in the outgoing year, the most overused word in the outgoing year, and the top trend of the incoming year. Also yell the word “foodie” and “sustainable” for good measure. I’d recommend Union Jack IPA from Firestone Walker if you live on the West coast, Heady Topper if you live in the Northeast, G’Knight if you live in Colorado, Bell’s Two Hearted in you live in the midwest, and DC Brau Corruption if you live near me in the Mid-Atlantic. Also, take a shot of rye AND a shot of Cynar.


10:00pm Throw caution to the wind and move to your fallback cocktail, irrelevant of the circumstances surrounding where you are, who you are with and how much you’ve drank to this point. Hearken back to that famous 1:55 am moment at Rob Roy in Seattle where you ordered a Negroni when you really wanted a glass of water (or better yet, a nap).  You’ll probably be at some dive bar and the bartender won’t know what a Negroni is and they probably won’t have any gin other than on the rail, but do it anyways. Bad decisions typically start around 10pm.


11:35pm Settle in for your countdown to the ball drop. Realize you’re drunker than you had planned and try your best to avoid the shots that your friends are trying to buy you. Fail to avoid shots, hope for something tasty not named after a dessert. Drink water until your “complimentary champagne toast with $10 cover charge” that can’t come soon enough.

Breuckelen Whiskey

12:01am Ring in the new year with a celebratory toast, a hug, maybe a kiss, and a plan to make your escape. Try to find a back door to slip out of so you don’t have to say goodbye and can avoid the likely peer pressure to keep you out later than you want. Think about your hangover tomorrow. Try to stand up without a wall and fail. Call a cab. Get in, close your eyes, listen to the Curtis Mayfield on the radio, wait for the world to stop spinning, throw a bunch of cash at the driver, get out, fall over, head inside. Make yourself another Negroni, for no good reason, and stare at it for a while before drinking it. Take a few sips, fall asleep and wake up to a new year! Happy 2013!


Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari


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