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Vermouth Cocktails Are the Bees Knees.

I think it’s time that vermouth cocktails got their day in the sun. I realize that some people have had some luck promoting some vermouth cocktails over the past few years. But, come on, people. Vermouth is delicious. It’s low in alcohol. It’s complex. It’s in a neat looking bottle. It has so many fine qualities and is so often overlooked. If I have to hear one more person ask for a vodka martini up with no vermouth, I might kill said person with a bottle of dry vermouth (preferably Dolin.)

Vermouth, Allspice, Aperol

With that being said, I’m on a mission to not only make vermouth cocktails a thing again, but to show that vermouth in the winter time is as delicious as vermouth in the summertime. So let’s do that. Now.

My vermouth of choice for these cocktails is typically Dolin Blanc. Dolin Blanc has a similar level of sweetness to their sweet vermouth, but offers less caramel and more citrus and spice notes. With flavors of orange and clove running the show, it pairs beautifully with a range of alcohols. If you’re in peak summer fruit season you can muddle a strawberry or blackberry and top it with Dolin Blanc. In the winter, I like to add a bit more complexity to the equation. My vermouth cocktail of choice currently consists of muddled cherries, allspice, barrel aged bitters and Aperol. It has spice notes that fit the winter season, orange and clove pairings for the vermouth, and enough body to fight off that blizzard outside. Trust me, drink this.

The Bees Knees

3 Luxardo cherries

1 Dash Fee Brothers Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Bitters

1/4 oz St Elizabeth Allspice Dram

1/2 oz Aperol

3 oz Dolin Blanc Vermouth

Orange Peel Garnish

To start, muddle the cherries with the bitters and allspice dram. Add the aperol and vermouth and stir to combine. Strain over new ice and garnish with an orange peel.


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