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Ask A Bartender – Serious Eats

We all have things that we love and hate to make behind the bar. Serious Eats decided to ask and let you know how to avoid that secret scornful look from your local barkeep. For me, it’s flavored martinis. This flavored vodka craze has gotten out of hand, with cotton candy and popcorn flavored drinks lining the shelves. In addition to all the new flavors, customers have these crazy new concoctions that they want that often times incorporate three or more flavored hoo-haas and some sort of schnapps. Sigh.

There are some other good gripes on the Serious Eats list, including cream based drinks, hot tea, sake bombs, and more. So read on to find out what I said, along with what a lot of people far more talented than me said. What do you hate to make or cringe when see people order? Comment away.

And here’s a picture of something I saw in the liquor store that made me sad.


2 comments on “Ask A Bartender – Serious Eats

  1. bryan
    May 3, 2012

    Main thing for me is people who won’t try new things, we also have no flavored vodkas and don’t carry a lot of common brands but we do carry, or can make, things that the customer would probablly like better but they are rarely open to trying something new. Oh but I have had people order virgin margaritas which means they want just lime juice?

    • Dave McCabe
      May 3, 2012

      We have a similar problem at Punks, since we don’t carry very many mainstream brands. No Jack Daniels, no Jim beam, no captain Morgan. It can definitely be difficult to get people to try new things, which I find to be pretty obnoxious.

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