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Lost Abbey and Green Flash

One thing that I noticed on my West Coast excursion this weekend was that these West Coast breweries (or at least San Diego breweries) take their barrel aging programs really seriously. I’m not sure if it’s a result of the culture of West Coast beer drinkers and their love for sour beers, or if it’s just to keep up with what everyone else is doing. But either way, I saw more barrels here than I’ve seen anywhere on the East Coast.  And I liked it.

The other thing that is readily apparent when you visit SD is the beauty of better liquor laws.  All of these breweries have tasting rooms on site, some with food and some without. You can buy a pint, a taster, or some beers to go and it’s really a wonderful thing.  Maybe Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland can get smart and take more of our tax dollars by reforming some antiquated brewery laws.

Here are some pics from Green Flash and Lost Abbey. I tried to take more, but I was distracted by the delicious beers along the way.


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