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Links and Blogs and Things You Should Read

There are a few definitive places that you should be getting your information from (aside from here). I’ll include the obvious ones, like reading the NY Times restaurant reviews (this week’s review was a one-star gem about Shake Shack, btw) alongside the *slightly* more obscure places you can read about beer and cocktails.  Without further ado, here are my top four in each category…


Jeffrey Morgenthaler –

Jacob Grier –

Rum Dood –

Gojee –


Beer News –

Brookston Beer Bulletin –

Lew Bryson Seen Through a Glass –

A Good Beer Blog –

Newspaper Food Sections

NY Times –

Washington Post –

LA Times –

Chicago Tribune – & Dining&lpos=Sub

You have other suggestions? What are your favorite beer, cocktail, and food blogs?


Tell me what you think.

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