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Blogger at Beer Mixology

I’ll be contributing from time to time on a new site called Beer Mixology.  It’s based out of Denver and they got some stellar bloggers to help move the beer cocktail trend forward.  It should be a fun project and hopefully there will be some good recipes as a result.  Stay tuned for my first post there in the coming weeks.  Here is their take on the scope of the site:

In its most basic definition, beer mixology is the art or skill of crafting and mixing cocktails that use beer as an ingredient.

Some purists in the beer industry might argue that beer is, in itself, a perfectly crafted cocktail of barley, hops, yeast, water, and potentially other additives. Conversely, some mixology purists might argue that flavor profile of beer is not ideal and does not, in fact, have chemistry with spirits.

Although neither views are wrong and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, our goal here at Beer Mixology is to explore the relationship between beer and spirits and share our findings and experiments with the world!

I did a little interview with them that you can check out here.


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