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My Conversation with BeerAdvocate on Twitter

I’m a Beer Advocate subscriber.  I pay money for their magazine and have for two years now.  I didn’t like their most recent editorial and I tweeted about how I thought it was stupid.  Then they tweeted back, then we had the following exchange.  So, I ask you, am I the asshole? Or are they?

Noblexperiment:  The opening editorial about tap takeovers from Jason and Todd in beeradvocate this month is laughable. The dumbest thing I’ve read all week

BeerAdvocate  Glad we made you laugh. Ignorance is bliss.

NoblexperimentNice. Stay classy, BA. RT BeerAdvocate  Glad we made you laugh. Ignorance is bliss. 9 hours ago 

BeerAdvocate:  Take your own advice, hypocrite. 😉9 hours ago 

Noblexperiment:  you guys want to talk about it? Id be happy to have a real conversation. 9 hours ago 

BeerAdvocate We’d love to have a real conversation about it vs. you simply blowing off our opinion w/ trashy tweets. 9 hours ago 

Noblexperiment: OK, great. Shall we start? You say that some brewers hate doing them but overzealous bars do them anyways. But you give no… 8 hours ago 

Noblexperiment:  …reasons why. What is it that brewers don’t like?You can’t shift blame to bars without reasoning as to why brewers hate them 8 hours ago 

BeerAdvocate We actually clearly listed some of the reasons why, and blame lies with all parties involved. 8 hours ago 

Noblexperiment: so the reasons listed in the article are problems that brewers have with tap takeovers? Or the problems you have with them? 8 hours ago 

BeerAdvocate Both, but bars and others in the industry have also expressed similar opinions. 8 hours ago 

Random Tweeter  i’ll drop my popcorn to jump in and say that 90% of our tap takeovers are initiated by BREWERS not us.

BeerAdvocate  We don’t doubt it, nor did we solely cast blame on bars. 8 hours ago 

Noblexperiment that is how it read to me. Mismanaged inventory, takeovers with breweries they don’t support, bad impact on customer 8 hours ago 

And then they stopped talking to me, so there you have it.  Draw your own conclusions.


3 comments on “My Conversation with BeerAdvocate on Twitter

  1. Anthony Rodriguez
    August 28, 2013

    People should be aware how much beeradvocate hate them. Look how many long time users get banned for civil disagreements. Its not their fault that beeradvocate is run by uneducated assholes who lash out to cover up their ineptitude and lack of class. Other sites will crush them in the long run, as long as we keep letting the noobs who join BA know. Make BA become myspace in a facebook world!

  2. Bryan Z
    February 19, 2012

    Will NOT be subscribing to that magazine! I have heard this from many people!

  3. jmooy
    January 17, 2012

    I’ve had my bad experiences with them and so have my friends. In my opinion apps like Untapped and sites like BeerNews/BeerPulse are gonna crush them in the long run. How anyone can stand for their ass-backwards approach to their customers is beyond me.

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