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Pama Professional Bartender Competition

Any opportunity to put $4500 in someone’s pocket seems like a noteworthy thing.

So I thought I’d share this competition that popped up in my inbox. PAMA is sponsoring a bartender competition where you can win some cash. They want to see a video of you making a cocktail, coming up with a creative garnish, and showing off your personal style. Not a bad idea and I like the video submission thing. That way, if you really are unique, they can see it in more ways than just a recipe. It’s a bit odd that they’re not requiring an original cocktail with PAMA, but they seem to be looking for alternate criteria.

The bad news for all of you Marylanders, is that, for some reason, this competition isn’t open to MD bartenders. That’s kind of lame, if you ask me. So I share the wealth with all of you out-of-state folks. Now go make a video, wow these jokers over at PAMA, and you can give me 10% 🙂

Here is a link to the competition page.


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