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Saison Brewing. Summertime Coming. Deliciousness, on the Horizon.

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I’m back to brewing more regularly. I took a little hiatus there to take care of a few other aspects of my life, mainly some big restaurant events and the new baby. All important, but I’m back and I’m taking a crack at brewing a saison.  I love this style, it’s light in color but medium bodied, dry and a bit tart, and incredibly refreshing.  I’m sure you’ve all drank your fair share, but if not, go.  drink.

So, my plan for this brew was to use Belgian Pilsner malt.  Unfortunately, my local homebrew shop doesn’t currently stock Belgian pilsner. But they have a lovely German pilsner malt that I think will suffice.  In addition to my pilsner malt, I grabbed a little bit of Belgian biscuit for that warm bready, biscuity Belgian flavor and some malted wheat to top things off.  I ended up going with a little bit more wheat than a typical saison, just because I like wheat.  The final grain bill had about 20% malted wheat, 70% German pilsner, and 10% Belgian biscuit.  Or something along those lines.

I picked some noble hops, with a twist, for the bitterness.  I went with Brewer’s Gold for bitterness, German Hallertau for flavor and a combination of Saaz and Hallertau for aroma.  I chose Saaz and Hallertau because I had some extra laying around and I wanted something noble.  The Brewer’s Gold was picked because its supposed to be a complimentary hop to Saaz, from what I’ve read.  It’s a bit high in alpha acids at 9% for a saison, but I didn’t use too much so that my IBU will stay where I want it.

It’s currently fermenting away at a lovely 77 degrees and is looking good.  I think I’ll increase that temp to the low 80’s for the last few days to make sure I get some additional spice and fruit and that’ll be it!  Stay tuned for pics and reviews on this one.

I didn’t take any pictures, except for this Wyeast smack pack before I got my yeast starter going.  I went with the Wyeast French Saison yeast because I’ve heard the Saison Dupont strain can be a little fussy and I didn’t want to go down that route this time around.


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