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It’s a Celebration Bitchessss!!

Thank you Dave Chapelle for that title…

Well it’s time to celebrate. Today is the day that I become a dad!  All other excitement aside my question for you, fellow readers, is what is your go to celebration beverage? I have a few ideas.

1. The classic champagne cocktail: sugar cube, bitters, and champagne. Classic and delicious. 

2. Westmalle Tripel: the lucious texture and high abv of this Belgian Trappist ale makes it a perfect celebration beer.

3. The French 75: Gin, lemon, simple syrup and champagne.  A nice sparkling cocktail with a kick.

4. Brewdog Sink the Bismark: this super high abv beer drinks like a cordial making it a nice celebratory sipper. 

5.  Rodenbach Grand Cru:  this west Belgium sour beer is elegant, unique and delicious. Aged in oak and rich in body this won’t feel like your everyday beer.

Those are my top five.  What are yours??


Tell me what you think.

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