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Cocktail Recipe: Strawberry + Basil + Cachaca

I’ll keep this short and sweet for you.  This cocktail is lovely.  And cachaca is a delicious spirit.  I like Ypioca cachaca partly because it’s delicious and partly because it’s wrapped in wicker and has a creepy old man on the label.  But enough about that.

For this cocktail I combined the classic combination of strawberries and basil. I added some honey syrup (I’ve been on a honey kick lately) and a splash of lemon juice, and topped it all off with a generous amount of cachaca.  It was delicious.  And now you can make it wherever you are.  Enjoy.

Strawberry Basil Cachaca

2 Strawberries

1 Large basil leaf

1.5 oz Cachaca

0.75 oz Honey syrup

0.50 oz Lemon juice

Muddle up the basil and strawberries with the honey syrup.  Add your cachaca and lemon juice and shake with ice.  Pour it out over fresh ice and enjoy on the rocks.  To make honey syrup, follow this link.


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