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Annapolis Homebrew in Arnold, MD

If you have any interest in beer, wine and/or spirits, and you live in the Washington, DC area, you owe it to yourself to visit Annapolis Homebrew.

Located just off of Route 2 in Arnold, MD (that’s just past Annapolis), this little home brew shop in an unassuming strip mall has lots to offer. With products ranging from wormwood to hops to crushed California Chardonnay grapes, no matter what type of project you’re interested in undertaking, this place has it all.

I’ve used Annapolis Homebrew for all sorts of different projects.  I stopped in to pick up dried bitter orange peel for homemade bitters, wormwood for dabbling in Absinthe, wine stoppers and corks for storage, and a starter set for brewing beer.  And this is just a small sampling of what they offer. Seriously. They carry like 30 different types of hops, all labeled with useful descriptions and flavor components.

And the owner/man behind the counter/man in the back brewing the beer actually knows what he’s talking about! This day and age, when information spreads like wildfire through social media and blogs (like mine) it’s nice to walk into a store, talk to the owner and have that owner be an expert on everything he or she sells.  And that’s what this place is like –  an old fashioned, do it yourself home brew shop.

If you have any interest in brewing, distilling, fermenting, infusing, or just drinking in general, I suggest you check it out.


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