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Beers and Summer and Beers!

This is one of my favorite times of year for beer.  As much as I enjoy a nice stout or porter, my beer happiness typically peaks in the summertime.  I’m a sucker for hefeweizen, flavorful lagers, and summer beers of all kind.  There is something about a 70 degree day and a refreshing summer lager that just go hand in hand for me.  And lucky me, it’s that time of year.

But I don’t discriminate.  It’s not only lagers this time of the year.  Ales have their moment too and they’ll get their due. I do thoroughly enjoy a chilly Rogue Dead Guy Ale this time of year.  Or, for that matter, the Rogue American Amber.  Those beers have enough body and flavor to satisfy my palate without being too malty, which is what I try to avoid in the early spring and summer.

One of my favorites this year is the old standby, Sierra Nevada Summerfest.  This beer is a pilsner style lager, which typically means higher carbonation, a crispness at the finish and a medium body.  This particular beer also has a nice citrusy undertone without being too fruity.  It’s a perfect summer beer, in my humble opinion, for all of those reasons.  The crispness makes it refreshing on a hot day, the citrus notes make it FAR more interesting than many boringgggg lagers, and although it’s light, it’s not too light.  It’s really quite lovely.

So, what are you waiting for???


One comment on “Beers and Summer and Beers!

  1. AnnapolisDrinks
    June 4, 2010

    UPDATE! I have more favorite summer beers. Shocking, I know. I’ve really been loving the Dogfish Head Aprihop, a great apricot flavored ale that has great hops.

    Also, gotta love Stone Pale Ale. A nice beer with decent malty undertones. Delicious.

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