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Level in Annapolis

I recently had the pleasure of a cocktail at the relatively new (to me, at least) Annapolis restaurant,  Level.  Level is a small plates restaurant with a serious cocktail program. They source a lot of their food from local farms and seem to make everything in house.  Their cocktails range from the standard bearers such as the Hemingway Daquiri, to creative reincarnations of classics to completely new creations.

As we saddled up to the bar and glanced over the mason jars full of house made mixers (and maybe bitters?), I knew we were in for something delicious.  I always appreciate bars and restaurants who put the time and effort into making their own mixers.  It shows a dedication to the craft and a willingness to be bold, which I like.  And it’s not something you see in Annapolis too often.  So before I even had a sip, I felt like we were off to a good start.

While glancing over the cocktail list (I can’t give you a link because they don’t  have a website), I saw some really interesting things.  Fresh honeycomb, plum juice, egg, and lots of fresh fruit, to say the least.  The bartenders here earn their keep by muddling, shaking and crafting great cocktails.  And all that effort really pays off.

All of the cocktails we tried were fantastic. I’ll spare you the details of each cocktail, as there are many to choose from and you’ll inevitably find one that fits your drinking style and taste.

Level also has a nice wine list, a good looking lineup of small plates and a fun atmosphere.  I’ll leave those areas for you to explore, but as long as you start your evening with a cocktail from the bar, I’m sure you’ll be in good shape.


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