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Product Review: Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

There are many things that I enjoy about Domaine de Canton. As a brandy based liqueur with all natural ingredients, Domaine de Canton is subtle, yet packed with flavor.  It has a sweetness to it that is shockingly mellow followed by graceful notes of ginger.  Seriously, that’s what it inspired me to write. It’s made with VSOP Cognac and baby Vietnamese ginger, handcrafted in France.

It’s a pretty delicious mixer and very versatile.  I’ve seen it in a ginger-grapefruit margarita, a sparkling and gingery version of the French 76, in mojitos (see below) and many more. My personal favorite is the spring time ginger-lemon mojito.

I know that we haven’t quite made it to spring yet, but we’re getting closer (just forget about tomorrow’s snowstorm). Try this the next time you want a nice spring-y drink.  Muddle some lemon and mint, add some Domaine de Canton, top it off with some light rum and serve over ice.   It’s different, complex and delicious.  All good things.

So, my recommendation for Domaine de Canton? Buy it.  And drink it.  From what I recall, you can find it at Mills Fine Wine and Spirits in downtown Annapolis.


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