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Cocktail Competitions 2010

There are a few interesting cocktail competitions floating around this month.  If you have the chops, might as well throw your hat into the mix.  Here are two that come to a close soon, but there is still time for you to get your entry in. 

1. Magnificent Bastard is having a classic cocktail competition, trying to find a new cocktail that can sit alongside the martini, manhattan, etc.  Make sure you read their basic principles before entering so you don’t get laughed out of the competition.  Winner gets a $500 gift certificate to Kegworks  where you can buy all sorts of cool stuff.  You only have until January 31st to enter here, so get moving.

2. 42Below Vodka is throwing a “Cocktail World Cup”.  Not surprisingly, they’re looking for entries that use their products and they have a little survey to see if you stock 42Below at your bar.  Maybe just for the data, maybe not,  I suppose we’ll see.  This is the first round which eventually leads to regional competitions across the US and then to a final in New Zealand, all expenses paid for the winner.  You have until February 15th for this one.

As more cocktail competitions come to light I’ll be sure to post.


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